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...For moments of heightened creativity


There is no shortage of competent, neutral facilitators in the world, however all facilitators are not created equally.  Facilitators who listen, engage and inspire as experts in their own field and who contribute as active participants as well as strong guides are a rarer breed.


It has been proven that individuals are better than group brainstorms at list-making tasks.  Some of the main problems with brainstorms include that they are set up incorrectly, they trivialise tasks and there are instances where they are not the appropriate mechanism. 

Most challenges and indeed opportunities are complex and inter-connected.  They require mutuality, collaboration and buy-in from participating parties to progress.  Collaborative workshops that are tailored to the task and the team are the optimal form of progress.


We design and facilitate workshops that harness creativity in complex problem solving, insight or idea generation or other creative collaboration contexts. 

We draw on the principles of design thinking, incorporate useful tools and are sensitive to the diversity of skill levels, complexity and experience involved.

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