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Human-Centred and Insight-led

Organisations have no shortage of information, but seriously lack the time or capacity to distil information, to focus on consumers needs and and to identify compelling, actionable insights.

18 years providing consumer insights and coming up with compelling ideas is hard to shake.  With vast experience spanning industries, businesses and sectors, Insight Out brings huge expertise to any strategic planning task that demands sharp thinking and clear findings that can connect, unite and inspire.   


Our consumer insight work and continued social commentary on the cultural change that reforming consumers, concerned citizens, changing workers and struggling families are living through is a labour of love and area of personal interest.

  • Insight Out delivers insight through inspiring presentations, collaborative workshops, or a combination of both.

  • Insight Out brings a consumer and brand planning mindset into any strategic planning context.


  • Insight Out creates and facilitates immersive end-user experiences that bring the audience to life for teams and ensures they remain centre-stage.

  • Insight Out can strategically lead and oversee the implementation of research projects and has worked with many of Ireland's top research companies in delivering unparalleled collaborative results.

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